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The 'walk-on/walk-off' system is used generally on narrow-bodied charter aircraft such as 757/737/727 and centre-loaded on wide-bodied A300/A310 aircraft but there is also a version suitable for wide-bodied aircraft such as 747 / 777/ DC10 / MD11 aircraft. The equipment is installed in semi-assembled form into the aircraft prior to loading the horses. The horses are then walked up a ramp into the aircraft, or are lifted in a loading box on a hi-loader, into the doorway. The horses then walk from the aircraft door into the stalls, which are closed up around them.

Although the system takes some time to install on the aircraft and remove from the aircraft after use, it does enable horses to be loaded (via a ramp or loading box) extremely quickly and safely. The entire system is designed for quick and compact palletisation, keeping positioning costs to a minimum. These stalls can also be loaded into 20’/40’ sea containers for economical (de)positioning.

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